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What you'll find in this thread:

- The purpose of this forum, what should and shouldn't be discussed in this forum.
- Important Notices,, New Basic member privileges, and more.
- Dedicated Threads, we hope that with time, we can add more dedicated discussions about your favorite topics in this section.


The purpose of this forum is to allow discussions of future enhancements and feedback you have for the GameSpot website. Please avoid argumentative conversations regarding product enhancements or features that you feel one way or the other about. Amiable debates about what features should come first or which would be best are fine as long as confrontational dialogue is avoided. The way our Features work, and a few items we can openly discuss that is currently in development are described below.

Important: If we do not respond to every post in this thread, this should not be an assumption that we are not reading them. GameSpot Staff do read this forum.

We strive to offer every feature you can possibly dream of, and our inventive engineers will most likely come close, but you cannot make all of the people happy all of the time, as the saying goes. Therefore, we will work hard to provide you the best experience possible while maintaining ample quality assurance and marketing research before introducing new features.

Remember that when reporting bugs it is always important to provide as much detail as you are able to. Having screen shots, URL's, and/or examples are some of the best ways for your bug, or feature to be resolved in a timely fashion. And as always, you catch more files with honey than with vinegar. We understand that bugs and missing features are frustrating but being a jerk in your report is well... jerky.