Sick of the Adverts!!!???

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OK - so here's the deal - even as I type that trailer for Black Flag is above my text!

Every second of every damn minute of every day I come back to Gamespot this bloody thing is there - ramming it down my throat!


I understand you guys gotta make a living but this is killing me - everything I want to watch is preceded by it - I get it - I seen it - but I bloody well do not want it - or want it rammed into my face every time I come here.


So please - move it elsewhere, or give the punters the ability ot turn off your ad vids even before the selected review or preview is run.  I for one would be grateful for you doing so.


Any others!????


Oh - and the poll that was unning back on the main still there - albeit the thread is locked - and of course, you cannot create a poll in here!!!


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The only thing you can do is install a browser plug-in called "Adblock". You will never see another advert again :)


Also consider getting a plug-in called "Do Not Track Me" this stops tracking software linking you to various sites/adverts based on the web pages you visit. For example Gamespot has 7 trackers on their website which will gather all sorts of info about your browsing habits and display adverts/content that "interests" you.

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I agree with TC, right now as I type this there is an advert above the forum for The Last Of Us, which as part of it runs a brief, if unwanted, piece of video from the game, when I go to view any video on this site whether it's an editorial piece from the GS Staff, interview, review, trailer, etc I am forced to watch an adverisement for another game, most of the time it's either not one I'm not even interested in, or is the same video for the same game I've seen countless times before on this site when trying to watch video's here. 

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And that is exactly my pointt. Adblock works fine for other placeholders on the dites - no more ads - awesome. But it is these in-review adverts that do my nut in! If I wanted to watch the ad - I should be able to just click on an 'Ad link' and move to that area to view ads until my heart is content! regrettably, these ads are forced on us and I even find that for games I am considering buying, I only need to see the ad once - the same piece time and again is putting me off!! Dont forget to follow my link and Vote!!
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I get zero ads with Adblock and Firefox.  No ads in the page and no built-in video ads.  With Adblock I've never seen an ad before the beginning of reviews or other videos. 

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I'm ok with advertisement on this site, they need to make some money as well.

Only time I was ABSOLUTELY NOT OK with it was when they had ads that would automatically play a video with SOUND ON by DEFAULT. That was one of the most annoying, crappiest and most idiotic decisions I've ever seen on GS. Gladly they haven't shown up anymore since a while and I hope GS will never ever allow this again.