Seriously clickbait article

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Does Solo: A Star Wars Story Have An After-Credits Scene?

303 words later.

Answer: No.

While I understand a need to generate interest in an article to get traffic, there are two lines that you can cross that make the difference between "generating interest" and "clickbait".

One is when you promise something in a title that isn't in the article (i.e. that article you guys posted a while back saying "______ has a new patch. Here's what it does." and when you clicked the article it said "we don't know what it does yet...").

The other is proposing a false premise that nobody asked with the title, and then answering your own question with a "no", which the above article is an example of.


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Ha! They removed the comments as well.

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Star Wars has never ever done any "After-Credits Scene" at all and Solo would be no different and when I saw that article for the first time on GS, I knew it was BS! I never bother to click the title because I knew it's BS! Seriously GS, that was a dick move.

If there's one thing I like to say here is that it's nice to see a Moderator calling this crap out and yes, I know GS needs clicks here but they can do better.

@SOedipus said:

Ha! They removed the comments as well.

If I had to guess, they probably shut it down because everyone was upset about it.

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Hello Byshop,

How have you been doing?

After you stated your concern, I guess they updated the writing because the answer and somewhat of a spoiler is in the first paragraph.