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A message appears looking like this

every time I click Save in my account settings. I cannot select anything from the drop down arrows, which makes adding personal information to my profile impossible. Any idea how to save my settings?

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From what I can tell, When I'm doing anything to add or update my profile, I set my Android/PC to Google Chrome which allows me to change my avatars, update settings, and saves them when using Chrome. I always use Chrome so have you tried using it? I also heard that Firefox might do the job but I never test it out.

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Thanks Easy

I figured it out. There are a few ways to access the settings page and the only one that lets me select the drop down arrows and save my info is on profile page. Choosing settings by placing the cursor over the avatar in the upper right screen will cause the issue I had before.

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This issue appears to be fixed. If you're still having trouble with this particular issue, please submit a new ticket. Thanks!