RESOLVED: Missing Patches, Demos, and Mods (File errors)

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We've been experiencing a tehcnical issue with our file server on At the moment, the technician that can resolve this issue is working on the 504 errors, aloing with many other bugs associated to it. Until he can get on the file server bug, we ask you for your continue patience, and if you can report a missing patch, demo, mod, or other file errors in this topic.

Be sure to share the url of where you found the patch. For an example:

Game and type of file: Kohan: Ahriman's Gift v1.3.5 Patch

Where you found the url of the file:

The actual file url:

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Hello, I was browsing the download section of UT 2004 to see some mods and I can't see more than the three firsts ones, all the others that are on number 2 up to 23 are impossible to see. I made a try with other downloads and there is a similar problem

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#3 Posted by gmax (6865 posts) -
That's definitely also an issue, but I think it's different from what Jody was thinking about. What you've identified looks like more of a navigation issue, where the first page shows a few items, and then the indicated subsequent pages are logically blank. It looks like it affects other types of downloads for UT2k4 as well. (UT2k4 must have had a lot of downloads here at some point!) Replicating this is pretty easy. Start here, note the three downloads listed, then click on the "2" or "next" to try to go to page 2. Sobbing quietly at that point is optional. I suspect the very concept of "pages" probably just wasn't completely implemented in that context somehow. I started the first mod download, and it looks like it wants to send me a roughly 20MB zip file. If that had failed with an error about not finding the file - that would have been more along the lines of what we were expecting to hear. But this other apparent page 2 and beyond omission is also good to report. With luck, they'll get that figured out eventually too.

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Well, one that came up in HtG not that long ago to start with (note, this came up before the server maintenance and related bugs): URL with d/l link: Actual file URL: Shows a file not found error
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I see that most download sections have issues
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Thanks, I'll add your most recent files to this ongoing bug.

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We believe majority of the demos, patches, and other related files have been restored across the site. If you still encounter problems, please create a new topic. Thanks!