Questions about galleries

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Two quick question to Gamespot webmasters:

- Why do you turn off comments in galleries (almost always)?

- Why won't you implement fullscreen mode in gallery and start to add BIG pictures? We have 2017 and your pics have the size of postage stamp. We REALLY dropped modems 56k some time ago (like 16 years ago...), so don't be afraid. We (and our hardware) can handle this.

Side note: It's really painful to watch how GS is less and less relevant these days, and how desperate its management is. Adding almost every topic to gaming site is nonsensical. You won't attract movie goers and you will also lost gamers, who feel more and more alienated and uncomfortable.

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@Vojtass: Thanks for your feedback! We totally hear you, we are currently testing some new formats for galleries which will have much larger images. We are still in the testing phases so it's not available currently but once we perfect it, will be rolling it out across the site!