Question about whether this would constitute Spam.

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So I was just about to make a thread in another forum, but wanted to make sure that what I was posting wasn't considered spam, first. I read through the forum's rules, and it seems like it would be acceptable. But I'm still not sure.

I basically wanted to make a forum post asking for opinions on a handful of games I'm looking at possibly buying down the road, since I'm still unsure about them. I wouldn't be asking for random game suggestions from people or anything like that. I would be asking for opinions and thoughts on specific games.

Especially since the site now enables anyone to turn an entire blog into a forum topic, I can't imagine this would cause an issue. I mean we come to this site to have game discussions, so I'd imagine it's fine to consult with other gamers on the forums.

Just wondering, don't want to waste time making a thread and get some mod irritated.

EDIT: I guess I'll just go for it and see what happens...

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It doesn't sound like spam. The worst case scenario the thread would be locked.

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@f22_king_raptor: thanks for replying. Yeah, I guess it can't hurt much to try.