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#1 Posted by blackace (23576 posts) -

Not sure why this is happening, but the Pull Down menus for News, Review, Community, etc.. are no longer on the TOP of the screen. Instead they are showing up in a straight line in the middle of my screen. Like this.

Games v

Reviews v

News v

Videos v

Community v

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Anyone know why this is happening all of a sudden? I'm on a Linux O/S. I've cleared the cache and history for the FireFox browser. Rebooted the application and this is still happening.

Here's is a picture, so you can see what I'm talking about. Can you fix this?

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#2 Posted by leon2365 (13094 posts) -

could be a weird browser plug in, or the browser itself. have you tried opening an in private/incognito window? or a different browser all together?

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Ah looks like that popped up from our latest code push, can you let me know what version of firefox you are using?

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I'm getting this too, that Gamespot black bar at the top with the menu down the middle of the page follows me everywhere, this site really is a mess!

Works fine in Internet Explorer...oops no I take that back! No support for Firefox anymore?

A friend of mine just asked me if I'd played Outlast...I've never heard of it, so I came to a site I've always trusted for reviews....except, trying to find the review is proving to be a bit of a struggle!

Where are you hiding the reviews on this new.... rather confused awesome site?

Why if I click the "PC" under the game name does it not take me to the PC version of Outlast, but instead to PC games in general?

And should the "Check out the review" top right....be a link to the review?

Omg, and what is with this forum posting, you're using that irritating Office 2010 "Double Enter" nightmare.... trying to do a single space and it wont let me...wtf...

Shift+Enter... and it goes down one line, then as soon as I start typing it jumps down another line ... ooer now its gone down 2 lines! I give up, time to find another site for game reviews :/

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Oh ive just realised that the mess of words in the middle is a menu :/ Good god!

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@blackace: @Scout-Fu: What version of Firefox are you using? Linux should have support for 27. We officially support all the way down to 22.

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#7 Posted by Gelugon_baat (23764 posts) -

I believe that is due to a browser plug-in, specifically a blocking tool. I had that issue before when I was experimenting on which webpage scripts to block with AdBlock Pluswithout borking the webpage.

The script that controls the appearance of the pull-down menu is as follows:


It is, unfortunately, sometimes used to run ads on GameSpot, or some other similar shit that rather zealous settings for blocking tools would block outright.

You might want to check if your blocking tool or browser settings is blocking this script. If it does, it results in the display bug that has been depicted above.

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#8 Posted by blackace (23576 posts) -

@stylyy said:

Ah looks like that popped up from our latest code push, can you let me know what version of firefox you are using?

I'm using version 17.0.9. The Linux version is Linux RHEL 6.4 Edition.

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#9 Posted by alexisgallisa (31 posts) -

@blackace: any reason you are not using a newer version of Firefox? Firefox is currently at v27. The amount of code needed to support older version really start to becomes a burden. Cutting off older versions of browsers allowed us to cut off about 1000 selectors in our CSS as of late. Anyhow actually curious as to your needs to use version 17.

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#10 Posted by blackace (23576 posts) -

@alexisgallisa: It's my work desktop and that's why they loaded on the PC. I'll see if I can upgrade it or not. I'll let you know what happens.

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I have the same issue. I'm using version 21. I've been using it since May of last year. I don't want to use version 27 because there is a feature that they removed that let me remove the library column from the download window. People can have reasons for using older versions of a program. For me it's because they removed a feature that I liked. I can try a slightly newer version but I shouldn't have to fix something that Gamespot is messing up since this is the only site I've seen that is doing this.

UPDATE: So I updated it to 22. It's working now but I won't keep upgrading my browser to newer versions just because one site fails to fix an issue. I believe at version 26 is where they removed the feature that I need.

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#12 Posted by blackace (23576 posts) -

Mine has been fixed as well, but I didn't have to update my Firefox Browser. It's still using the 17.0.09 version. Not sure if Gamespot was able to fix this or something on my desktop corrected it. Or well. If it happens again, I'll update my Firefox app.

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#13 Posted by stylyy (143 posts) -

We changed our flexbox support so older versions of Firefox would display correctly. But with that said, you should still really consider using a more up to date browser. There's a lot of nice things the developers are constantly releasing in the newest versions of chrome and Firefox.

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#14 Posted by Madgnad (305 posts) -

@stylyy: After Firefox 26 they removed a feature that I want. I'm using Firefox 22 now and I actually like this one better because I can now interact with html 5 videos on youtube when I go fullscreen. It used to be that when you clicked on fullscreen you had to wait for that stupid little message to disappear, telling you, you can hit esc to exit fullscreen mode. Now I can click on the volume and pause when I first enter fullscreen. That being said. Firefox 26-27 are missing something that I want so I will not be upgrading to those version unless Firefox allows me to revert the setting back to the old way.