Profile > Your Activity: Nothing showing up before 3/7/19

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I don't post much on the forums here, but I still drop by from time to time (once or twice a week) to take a quick look at what folks are posting about.

I sometimes make comments on topics, forget about what topic I commented on and go about my life. Every once in a great while, maybe 2-3 times a year, I pop into my profile to check "Your Activity" and I go back and revisit some topics I made comments on and see if anyone added anything interesting.

I was curious about checking my recent past postings and went into my Profile and clicked on "Your Activity" this week, only to be meet with 3 postings showing up that I've made since March 7th and up through March 18th of this year, there is nothing older showing.

What would be the cause of my older than 3/7/19 postings not being listed?