Profile privacy - Why no options?

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In this day and age, not having an option to make one's profile private isn't good at all.

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That’s not how u solve privacy. U go in knowing that if people want to read ur sht they can. To protect ur identity you then just make the most off the wall profile imaginable; visits a plethora of forums, watch a few YouTube vids, browse a few products, and most importantly get some porn in your history tab.

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Has nothing to do with "solving" something or not. It's about having that option to begin with. It's a simple and usually default option for most sites.

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@GeminiEntity: Historically our perspective has just been that because the site allows anonymous logins and doesn't share any personal information you don't explicitly share yourself, having a profile page doesn't really expose any information that can't already be gleaned from seeing your posts around the site. In other words, having a "hide profile" option isn't really doing much because the profile doesn't show anything that isn't already available elsewhere.

I suppose there is some level of extra information on the profile in that you can see how active folks are in the forums, etc, but that hasn't raised itself as a problem so far.

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I should still have the option to decide for myself, like pretty much every other site allows. I don't like having to block everyone that follows me, it gets old fast.

Not too mention there is a big difference between reading a post by chance and being able to see a list of everything someone posts, follows, etc.