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acer laptop i5 2450k

4 gigs ram

intel hd 3000 grfx

not sure what has happened or why. but all of a sudden the little pic in the upper right hand corner of the screen isn't being diplayed and i'm also getting lag when i try and post something - the little circle thing spins (next to my pointer) while the page won't fully load and nothing happens it just hangs or times out and i get the "oops!" error page.

this is also happening on webpages like, and - when i try and look at products pics or what looks like flash pics they won't load, the wepage won't fully load and i get the pointer with the spinning circle but it doesn't happen on ebay which uses the same adobe flash or java tech (not sure which it is) as etc...

can anyone help me please?

i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling java, adobe flash, going to chrome setting (in browser with chrome://plugins/), messed with my avast firewall anti-virus and disabling extra adobe options but nothing is working...

driving me crazy.

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The image in the top right, you mean your user image? Thats not working because the image server is down or something else is wrong with it(see here). You can get your image back by uploading it to another image host(e.g. imgur)and then putting the direct link under settings>images User Icon. Don't choose file or upload just paste the url from imgur and hit apply changes

The other things i'm not really sure sounds like it could be your flash is not loading or java script or something on your pc blocking flash. But this isn't really the place for PC support not related to GameSpot. You could try some PC tech support forums like neowin

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k thx so much for the help :)