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I think there's something wrong with my profile, it says i got 15 followers ,which I think is right ,but once I click on it to see the list of my followers ,the list is just empty.Could someone look into it please.

(Here it says 15 followers ^^)

(But the list is empty ^^)

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#2 Posted by Glitter (355 posts) -

They won't fix it for whatever reason or it is taking a long time; must not be a priority like all the other simple stuff that needs fixing. I am still waiting for an option to remove people I do not want following me.

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@glitter: lol you got 2 people following you. Its not like its the end of the world.

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The "Following" button also needs to be changed as it strangely covers both users and games. I am only following about 5 people but it looks like I'm following 32 people, but 27 of those are games.

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I've added this to July's list of issues. Thanks for reporting.