Please ditch Livefyre Comments ASAP

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Comments sections can be a horrid place of human thoughts or they can be a great tool for amazing discussions. The interface of a comments section can foster those conversation while also keeping the noise at bay.

The Livefyre software that Gamespot has been using these past few years has issues that inhibit great discussions.

1. Performance - No matter what platform or internet connection you have, Livefyre performs terribly with many active users. The load times are poor. Conversations jump around the page as content loads.

2. The junk gets the spotlight with the replies taking up a significant amount of vertical scroll between each decent conversation. So it becomes hard to find those good conversations.

3. There is no way to easily come back and continue a conversation. If there are tons of comments, you have to go to the bottom of the page, then scroll up to the "load more comments" button. Then (hopefully more comments don't load and keep pushing the button down) you keep loading page by page with long wait times between until you finally happen across your comment (I often use the browser "find in page" feature).

Livefyre sends out emails, but those emails are inconsistent and are not an ideal way to keep track of conversations. As an example the Disqus commenting software has a user dashboard where users can see their conversations across all of the Disqus supported websites where the user has setup their account. There is nothing comparable with the Livefyre system.

4. It'd be nice to even have a tab that would show you all of your conversations in the context of the article/page.

I have contacted Livefyre about some of these issues about 2 years ago (I'll dig up the emails if necessary). They said "we're working on some of those things." ...

I can't tell you how frustrating a busy comments section is on the Gamespot website. I'll forget I was even browsing on a device because I've had to wait so long for something to load or gave up finding a conversation because loading page after page while new comments are also loading became such a hassle.

Please, Gamespot. Consider taking action to resolve these issues with your commenting system. Great conversations can be found in the mess of insanity, but the current commenting system on the Gamespot website hinders the fostering of those discussions.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my proposal.

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Notifications haven't worked for me since the new GS site.

You can't say "xbone", "troll" in the comment section any longer. The comment either stays pending before being approved a week later or gets deleted.

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This is seriously one of the worst commenting systems I've seen on any site. Just go to Disqus. Or anything. And for god's sake let us post images, gifs, and links again.

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E3 is going to break the commenting features of this site. I won't dare try to comment on my tablet. I'll give a PC a try.

To add to my previous comments; the LiveFyre comment system is probably a big culprit in the loading of ads and other asynchronous data calls being made after the page loads. It's a good bet that testing the site with LiveFyre disabled will result in a much better experience. You can try this simply by blocking

In general, the asynchronous data calls could be better managed on the Gamespot website.

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I totally agree. Livefyre is terrible. There's no way to see if someone has replied to you or anything like that. Please switch to Disqus. It's faster, more useful and more enjoyable. I love commenting on other sites more because of this.

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We appreciate the constructive feedback. I'll show this to those who have the power to decide if we are keeping Livefyre or not.