Playstation Network Section in PS3

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#1 BenFireFox
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Hello Gamespot,

I hope i post on the right forum i just want to tell some things which i dont like on your side. If im Wrong here pls push me to the right forum :)

Normally i check out all Stuff on your Page i really like the style the reviews and the community possibilitys.

But whats really not nearly the qualitiy to all your pages is the psn section. :!:

If i want to find something out about news on psn or even which games from psn could be interesting for me i go to other sides.

You aint got a side in the psn section where you can lookout new games or releases only for the psn. If im lucky i can find those things if i search through all releases of ps3 but that takes time and i cant find things which i dont knew already like the game name etc...

Another big point is as a playstation plus user i would like to get informed about new psplus thing. This cant be so hard cause you can finde equal things on several other sides bevore it gets actual in psn.

to be honest the actual psn section here is :/ wont say the word now. Please make it new make it in style of other sections have criterias under which you can search like new addons new demos new full versions new psn titles. Also the "latest DLC Content" directly on main page is all from 2010. Why arnt there all L.A. Noir and other several new DLC's? dont you update the side?

I hopt the critic isnt too harsh but this section is far away from the quality of your side and i really would like to see something equal to the rest of your sections which are all professional good and easy to find the things you want to knew.

I dont have a xbox but from my lookup in the xboxlive section this part must be as worse as the psn section.

I really hope you can change something there cause im a huge fan of gamespot and i would also like to inform myself about psn stuff here than on other sides which i need to do atm.

greetz BenFireFox

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#2 PumpkinBoogie
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You've actually made some very sound points & frankly I think the PSN section on the PS3 page is in DIRE need of overhauling. To me, for the times I go to it, it just seems as though GS made a section for it then forgot about.