Players Ball page not working

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#1 Posted by Sidburn19 (4712 posts) -
The Players Ball page is not working, here is the link:
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#2 Posted by DouglasBuffone (9421 posts) -

yeah i noticed this as well, Jeff said it was working, but it is clearly not

I bet it will be fixed by tomorrow

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#3 Posted by SlikNik27 (313 posts) -
I was just about to post this, but I can see the community is way ahead of me.
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#4 Posted by The_PC_Gamer (2910 posts) -
not workin for me either
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#5 Posted by OmegaDark (800 posts) -

Wow, user are on the ball on this site! I was just about to report this...good work guys!
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#6 Posted by serbsta69 (19209 posts) -
Page still isnt up, i hope its up by tomorrow.
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#7 Posted by CalvinCoolage (1383 posts) -
whan you try to go to the page, it redirects you to this page.
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#8 Posted by CraigB (4451 posts) -
Hey all, sorry about that. The page was live, but only GS admins could see it (which is why Jeff said it was live). You should see it now...let me know via PM if you have problems