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Lately my comments say pending, they contain no foul language even or do they have links which might need to be checked first, I'd like to know why I am on the Pending list, what did I do can I see why this has been done.

This isn't the first time, last time it happened months ago after a little argument with a moderator and all of a sudden all my comments were being deleted as well as any likes given to my comments.

I think if this is how a moderator behaves he shouldn't be working on this site.

EDIT: Just now a comment that was not offensive or broke any rules was removed from the article about MS lifting the patwall on it's apps.

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@mkeezay22: I only saw one pending comment on your list, which I've now allowed - the paywall comment wasn't removed at all, merely stuck in pending as a moderator had not manually allowed it yet.

What happened was simply that the filter marked your post due to the term 'shit' being used (livefyre doesn't understand context), so a moderator had to manually allow it, this is actually an improvement over the past in that previously the filter would remove comments on it's own in a way that it was difficult for moderators to keep track of, and even made it appear to remain to the original poster while they are logged in. Things are more transparent now and false positives no longer end up potentially hidden forever just because livefyre didn't like the use of certain words. It does however also mean more work for the moderators to go through all such pending comments, which grow at a incredibly rapid rate.

Just to make this clear: pending is generally (actually, pretty much exclusively) a result of the automated filter, and comments will be allowed or removed as appropriate when a moderator looks at them. The filter has always acted on comments like this, the only difference now is that it sets them to pending instead of hiding them altogether, allowing moderators a chance to correct false positives in a more reasonable time frame...and also making it more obvious to users when it has happened.

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Oh I see, thanks for the response, maybe next time I will use a * to replace a letter or two if I use some language it doesn't like. :)