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I mainly use the forums here, so I can't speak really to the rest of the site. But whenever I load a page in the forums, be it the topic page, or the actual topic, I can't navigate the page until the page is fully loaded. And I've noticed it's taking longer and the bit that takes forever to pop up is on the right side where the "GameSpot Recommends" article link and abstract pops up, as well as the "Main Boards" and "Popular Boards", and the "Top Posters" (should that even be there, it's gonna be the same top posters everytime, but that's another issue...).

I have a suspicion it's just the "Gamespot Recommends" article link, abstract, and photo that's making loading chug, because if I go to the FORUMS link it has all that other stuff (Main Boards, Popular Boards, Top Posters, and even more stuff), and that page loads quickly. However it's the pages with the "GameSpot Recommends" article link and abstract and photos that cause the page loading to take longer. So, in the topic boards like System War or Off-Topic, I'll see the "GameSpot Recommends" in the right tab, or in the topics themselves. It might not even be the "GameSpot Recommends" link and abstract that takes the longest to load but just the photo, many times I see the text of the link and abstract of GameSpot Recommends but the photo is usually the last thing to load before I get the freedom to navigate the page.