Old account, new name.

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Turns out my account was made in 2003... Can't believe it myself. But for obvious nostalgia reasons, is there was a way to change my account name or do I have to make a completely new one? Would love to keep this one for obvious reasons!

Also, The Fuse profile settings are the only ones that seem to work for me. I can't change anything in the standard gamespot settings. Only thing left which Fuse doesn't cover is postal code, so I guess it's not super important. Would be nice with my custom avatar, though. Anyhow, I figured out my old account name and password and have updated my profile, so only the username change is left. Any chance at all having it changed to 'Xaviz' or 'Icolyze' ?

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With exceedingly rare exception, user name changes are avoided unless the user name is shown to disclose personal information; changing user names breaks things. Even with that warning, some of the few who have been through the process have had regrets. You are free to create other accounts if you wish. If another user name you would prefer is available, you should probably just go for it.

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If you do change your username your blog and maybe your profile page will become broken.