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I have been on your site for a number of years now. While the content is wonderful and often insightful (keep it up folks and give me a job please), your videos on the other hand are unwatchable. By that I actually mean I cannot watch a single clip off your site without constant chop and frequent freezes. How does a website depicting cutting edge tech have trouble streaming a video? You mirror off of youtube more often than not so really what is the deal? It's not my internet ive had 2 isps yet the issue remains. It's not my computer I use 2 and the issue is persistent. There is really no excuse for that. I hope you fix it.

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I appreciate they're putting more and more of their stuff on YouTube because the GS embedded video player is why people resort to such terms as "shitting the bed".

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the video player is pretty bad, but word on the street is they are trying to update it. How long that will take I dont know. probably a long time

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@fud_sang: We're aware of that problem. It only happens for some users. A fairly decent amount actually. The thing is its not under our control. We have urgent tickets out with our 3rd party provider for video delivery and so far they've been ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ unfortunately. This isn't acceptable for us and we will keep pressing on this.

One thing that should help in the meantime is if you disabled your ad-blocker and cleared your cookies.

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You could just embed the youtube player and problem solved. I get that you don't do that because you get ad revenue from the players which you wouldn't get in youtube because of people using ad blocker. So you choose to impair the experience on everyone. It's a choice I guess.

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@chad28_69: We are currently working on a new HTML-based player that should work more smoothly than our Flash-based one. Stay tuned!

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Why are you guys even using a Flash based player in 2016? Everybody (even YouTube) switched to HTML5 years ago. That's archaic.