Notifications not working. Is it just me?

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For some reason, I'm not receiving notifications of any kind when someone @mentions me. This has been the case for the last 48 hours if I'm not mistaken. At first, it was inconsistent, as I would receive notification from mentions done by some users and not others. I've checked my settings and everything appears to be in order. Is anyone else experiencing the same? Should I start panicking?

Update: Just received a notification, both through EMail and OnSite. Not sure if its working properly now though. Just to clarify, I've changed no settings whatsoever.

And another thing. Back in December, I acceded to be notified about the The Game Awards 2017 live stream and, as a result, an object of type Video was added to my Following List, however, I noticed later that there's no unfollow button and it's pretty pointless now. I also did not enjoy The Game Awards 2017 that much. Can someone issue a link to remove it?


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Hi, It's not always happening that notifications aren't received, and those are rare cases, what I can advise is to refresh your system and the game itself and see if the bug will be removed.