No, this isn't another GS flame topic...

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Alright guys, now its time for us all to man (and woman) up and just let things pass as they want to. I mean, so we really all have to keep posting topics about how we canceled our Total Access subscriptions? Do we really need to keep making topics about how Eidos and Kane and Lynch and Gamespot ****? No, I don't think you do. Sure, I was mad and I posted a mean review of the game, but right then I decided that I should man up and let things resolve on their own. The moderators and the administrators already have enough to deal with without having to worry about users posting all this random crap about all of the things I mentioned before.

Yeah, I'm going to admit I was really mad that Jeff got fired, but right now its only a rumor as far as we know. Really...we all need to stop being so childish. If you want to ramble on, do it in your blogs, and not to Gamespot's public forums. This forum (and the other ones that the topics are being post in) isn't for ranting about how much something may ****. I suggest that to enhance the site, you think twice before you post that flame topic. Really, I you really think making another topic is going to make the truth about Jeff come out any faster?

Let's all grow up, shall we?

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Sorry, now does discussing the situation constutute us being juvinile? Why should we censor ourselves? This is where i come to discuss gaming news, does this not constitute gaming news?
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A topic like this doesn't help the situation either.