Next Gen Afficianado embelems?

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#1 Posted by hazbazz (7709 posts) -
Hi, are gamespot planning on making Afficianado Embelems for Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3? Its been 2 years since 360 was released, and we still haven't got an embelem.
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#3 Posted by fastesttruck (25353 posts) -
It would be nice to see them but I don't think we will. as it is the PSP and DS Emblems never got fixed.
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#4 Posted by gakon5 (974 posts) -
Those would be awfully hard to obtain I imagine.
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#5 Posted by icytower (10643 posts) -
Not a bad idea, but it will probably be a long time before we see them if at all.
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#6 Posted by Viictoriio (127 posts) -

Strange because the Wii is the 3rd most discussed platform these days.

I'd like to see 100% platform emblems for those who have a collection for 1 single platform. :)

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#7 Posted by serbsta69 (19209 posts) -
I dont think there are enough games yet.
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#8 Posted by Viictoriio (127 posts) -
That's a good point though. Somebody knows a list of ALL Wii games? So not the GC en VC games but just Wii?
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#9 Posted by Thorpe89 (19542 posts) -
I do think it is time they introduced these emblems for us who have these newer platforms. Plenty of new games out now.
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#10 Posted by CraigB (4451 posts) -
Actually, I put in a request to make these emblems not too long ago. When things start to slow up this quarter, we'll get these entered into the system.