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I'll try to explain briefly. Whenever I go to 'my posting history' and check for new messages in threads I've posted I click them and I end up on the first page. Where as before I would be taken to the new messages. Say it's a 205 page thread (PS3 recommendation thread) I now get sent to the first page, not on page 205. It's a minor issue, but it was very helpful to be able to read from the first unread message instead of scrolling around and finding it yourself. Is this something that has been changed or is it something on my end?

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What you have sounds like a glitch that seems to afflict a user every few months. I guess you won the glitch lottery. Here are a few older threads for reference: [1][2][3] The theory is that the system may be losing your Messages Per Page setting, or perhaps Message Sort Order or some other setting you find on your forum options page. Changing those settings around and clicking Apply Changes several times might wiggle the wires and get it working again, as some have reported, but others were apparently not so lucky. It might also be something that you can just wait out, but I have never heard about it working out like that.

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Alright, thanks. I went to 'forums preferences' and on 'message sort order' I chose 'Oldest first' and that sort of did the trick, now it takes me to the first unread post again. I guess I got lucky, twice!