New Interface: Cumbersome, unhelpful and buggy

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OK, so hate the new interface; it's not just about change, it's about this site no longer being easy to use, including that searching for genres is next to impossible, getting a clear sense of what's new and what's coming; having to sort thru irrelevant, cluttered information to get something useful. yuck.

And, it's buddy.... can't eliminate anything from my Follow List, can't adjust Stacks.

Come on, Gamespot. Either go back to what was, or revamp what is.

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what is now will be improved upon. unfortunately, what was, at least in terms of looks (graphically), will not return. now. here is to hoping that the functionality returns sooner rather than later.

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There's a bunch of major improvements coming down the pipe very soon indeed. Search and navigation being two key areas you should see a dramatic improvement.