Need some help with a PS4 error code.

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I am new here and I am hoping to find some help and/or answers. I currently get NP-39227-3 error on my PS4 when I try to restore licenses. It specifically says, "Cannot restore some licenses - The Division 2 - Warlords of NY pre-order expansion". The strange thing here is that I can access this DLC content fine on my PS4 and there are no problems. Other people have reported this error in the past few months for this same game, but they have now disappeared and I could not get a hold of them. I have tried re-building the database and power cycling my console, but those options didn't do anything. Playstation customer support through their chat told me to delete and re-download the game and/or initialize my console. Those options do not work either because I know other ppl who have tried them without success. I am thinking that this has something to do with my PS4 settings or in game settings, but I have no idea on what it could be. I would greatly appreciate any help or if anyone knows of where to go to get this resolved?