Need old username back for technical reasons!

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Since I changed my username from WinROCKYWin to Hylian-Jedi some time ago as part of the "Gamespot Username Reconciliation" movement, I've noticed some adverse results. Namely, old blogs and other things I've made as well as the comments that went with them, and ESPECIALLY, those from the prize winning video I made for the Mortal Kombat Scream-It Kontest some years ago either failing to open or disappearing entirely. Help!

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Changing your username won't help. Pretty much all user videos hosted on gamespot haven't been working properly for some months now.
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I'd like to change my username. How do I do it?
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I'd like to change my username. How do I do it?x-2tha-z
Only way is through Customer Support, but unless you've got personal information in your username, it's unlikely it will be agreed to, because of the technical problems it causes.