Mysterious level increase glitch

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#51 Posted by dalger21 (1999 posts) -

After further research we think the level bump has to do with the boost we gave you all a while back. The reason for this, some users didnt see the bump until taking certain actions on the site.

For an example: check your fuse profiles and see the data/times you noticed the level change. There's s status update when you turn another level. So far the people we looked up had the level boost around the week we granted people their level boost for the profile level downtime.

If you have any new reports about this, go ahead and let us know. Thanks!

Makes sense giving that people said they didn't notice anything around the time you guys granted additional boosts. I noticed a large increase last week after watching a few videos and commenting on them. Not sure if that was just a coincidence or planned but I did notice that. Anyway, thanks for the heads up Ms. Red. :P