"My game updates" missing?

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I have used this site for years for my video game news. I just track games i am interested in, come to this site once a week or at least once every two weeks and read the "my updates" section. I see the website format has changed. I can no longer find the "my updates" section. I see that i am still tracking games, so it seems logical to assume that the 'my updates" page still exists. Has it been moved or has it been deleted? If it has been moved, can someone tell me how to navigate this site to find it.


Yes I am bad with technology and would appreciate help.

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I have exactly the same problem, but you already created a topic so let's see if there's someone kind enough to help us!! :)

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Well, this is it. No response from the people in charge of the forum. No update. No Gamespot for me. So many years using this page (since videogames.com) and here is where it ends for me. Guess I'll go to IGN, even if I don't like it. Email me when the "Updates" feature is running.

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could be quite some time before we see any headway with this issue.