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I'm so far unable to edit stacks in any way, shape or form including adding new games and rearranging the lists. When saving any changes I receive the message 'Problem occurred while processing submission'. For the record, I'm using IE.

I also have some titles appearing in Japanese although several of them appear to have been fixed since launch such as in Chu Chu Rocket's case. Although Jet Set Radio still appears as 'De La Jet Set Radio'...

I'm still unable to delete images. I am currently receiving the message 'Image editing temporarily disabled' when hitting the edit button. So, I assume it's being worked on.

Certain forum posts do not appear on my profile feed. This seems to be isolated to created topics in the Xbox board at the moment.

Also if GameSpot could please shed some light on the game updates situation and clarify if the lack of update alerts is indeed a bug or an intentional design decision.