Mobile site... It's EFFed up.

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#1 Posted by IJONOI (244 posts) -

I'm out and about alot, when I try to check your site or watch a video. 9/10 times the thing will crash. The videos will never play due to lack of 'flash support'.

Half the time the comments just don't load.

And it jumps around like a lunatic when you're trying to read something.

Oh, and lastly, if your 'Please use our survey' banner pops up it sits off screen and is impossible to do anything with.

Ipad and W7 phone.

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#2 Posted by BattleSpectre (7989 posts) -

I agree, I sometimes use my IPhone to go on Gamespot and it's a very painful experience.

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#3 Posted by always_explicit (3379 posts) -

Its equally painful for me on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

It feels like the mobile site has simply been given up on. I rarely bother trying now.

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Thought I'd pipe in as well. Since the new site, videos don't play (the quality button comes up, as does the play button, but when I tap play it doesn't play at all). When the new site launched they used to play, then they stopped working for a bit, then they played after an ad, but they haven't played at all on my Nokia Lumia 720 for a couple of months at least. Also comments don't load at all.

I wasn't too bothered as I'd just watch on Youtube, I actually prefer the interface on Youtube and the way videos are laid out by upload date by default over there, as well as being less resource-hungry than Gamespot on my mobile.

It's more annoying now that some shows are delayed before they are uploaded to Youtube (obviously to get more traffic to Gamespot).

I don't know the statistics, but isn't it something like 50% of people now use mobile devices as their primary way to view internet content? Videos and comments work fine on other sites (including IGN's ye olde mobile site) and everything worked like a charm on the old Gamespot site. It seems like the new responsive site is actually a step back.

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#5 Posted by Gliave (387 posts) -

And still no reply from the moderators on this issue....You are supposed to reply to those complaints GS...Not just let them gather dust in randoms forum posts....

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#6 Edited by larkanderson (2227 posts) -

@IJONOI: Generally speaking, we don't support Windows 7 mobile devices, but we will do what we can to make fixes where possible. In the coming weeks, for example, we'll be making a change to our video player that we hope will correct issues with Windows mobile devices. Can you share any specific examples of pages where comments don't load and you see the "Flash support" message? And when you say that the site crashes, do you mean that your browser app crashes?


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#7 Posted by larkanderson (2227 posts) -

@always_explicit: @BattleSpectre: Can you share any specific examples of how our mobile site is a painful experience on your devices? Thanks!

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#8 Posted by larkanderson (2227 posts) -

@e5115271: We are making a change to our video player in the coming weeks that we hope will fix video issues on Windows mobile devices.

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#9 Posted by IJONOI (244 posts) -

sure! Thanks for the reply.

So the biggest issue is that videos wont play, which you've pointed out your fixing very soon. Thats great!

the problem with the chat feed seems totally random, sometimes it loads, mostly it doesn't. Hitting the 'load chat' button doesn't help either.

when the site is loading it jumps around randomly scrolling through the entire page

before eventually settling at a random place. That could be a browser issue though.

The survey banner,doesn't fit on the page, so when it shows up it sits on top of maybe 3/4 of your screen, the little 'x' and 'take survey' buttons sit off screen meaning you can't do anything with it besides shutting the browser, and hopig it doesn't show again.

personally, i think most of it is just caused by too much going on at once for a mobile

site. Very unstable.

just wrote this on my phone... Fingers crossed!

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#10 Posted by IJONOI (244 posts) -

ll get some screen shots tomorrow of the site looks from my win 7 device. Bit of a mess

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@LarkAnderson said:

@always_explicit: @BattleSpectre: Can you share any specific examples of how our mobile site is a painful experience on your devices? Thanks!

I don't know if it's just me, but when I enter the Gamespot site with my IPhone everything just takes so long to respond. If I'm reading an article and scroll down to the bottom (takes a while from the lag) and click on "show comments" as they load things get even slower.

To be honest, I don't do much else when I use my phone for the site, so yeah that's really my only concern which isn't too much of a big deal I guess. Thanks for listening though.

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I have had an issue where I have been unable to scroll across to the right hand side of the page previously. Apologies if that is a slightly vague response. Sort of an aspect ratio issue if that helps.

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Thanks for the reply Lark, good to know a fix for the videos is on the way. Is the comments not loading issue on WP8 devices being worked on at all? Or is it near the bottom of the to-do list? Or perhaps it's not an issue for all users so a fix isn't in the pipeline. On a different note, the Gamespot front page looks much better now, with more relevant features appearing where they should be. Keep up the good work :-) .

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#14 Posted by e5115271 (42 posts) -

Bump. Videos now autoplay ads but the main video still doesn't play. Comments still don't load on Windows Phone.

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#15 Posted by IJONOI (244 posts) -

What e510239875w456 said...

Your ads will play, but then they will keep repeating not letting you get to the actual video. WP8 needs a AdBlocker :p

Also comments sectioned is just unusable, if it loads at all. which it usually doesn't. god I hate my windows phone.

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#16 Posted by Sidburn19 (4710 posts) -

Ive had issuses with Gamespot with my Ipad ever since the new layout. Videos dont play, Web borwsers apps constally crash, writing in forums and comments have no layout option. The site in general just dont work well on ipads.

I even did tests with Gamespot staff to help improve the issuses but they never got fixed :(