Mobile Forum Connection Issues

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So, this happens every time I try to click a thread in any forum. Actually, I can't access any forum except for the main page. I got some replies I wanted to check out but had to wait to get to a desktop to read them. Just wanted to throw this out there because I'm sure others must be experiencing this as well.

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@-paranorman-: can you send me the full URL you are trying to get to as well as your device and browser you're using?

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@angerawr: Sure! I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and this is one link I try accessing.

It does it for every link though, even just to access this topic. Sometimes it goes through, if I am lucky.

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I've been having this issue as well, usually with tapping a link to the System Wars home page from within a thread. It also happened just now when I tapped the Bug Reporting & Feedback link at the bottom of this thread. I'm on a Galaxy S8 using chrome.

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Some usses i have with mobile phone tracker on Android with this app.

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This is GameSpot's way of letting you know you're not really supposed to be visiting anymore.