Metro Exodus - What An Epic Failure

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Well.. the makers of the Metro Exodus game released a patch / fix for the game a few days ago here...

Unfortunately the patch did not fix any of the issues I have encountered with this game. The game continuously crashes before I can even start the game. It is unusable on my computer. All of my other software on my computer works perfectly, I have tried installing this game three times, to no avail, Not a quick process as it involves downloading a 52GB file despite buying the DISC.

I have loaded the latest graphics card drivers from Nvidia but this has not helped.

I have tried running the game in safe mode to no avail, it still crashes straight away. I have loaded the latest updates on my computers operating system, Windows 10 Pro. No change, As my computer has two 2080TI graphics cards in SLI, I also tried disabling one of the cards. The game still crashed running on a single card. My computer has three 4K monitors also, as I am a serious Gamer.

To simplify things for this pathetic software I tried running the game with a single monitor and a single graphics card. The game still crashed.

In my 30 years of using computers I have found Metro Exodus to be the worst written piece of software I have ever encountered. It is still unstable and full of bugs despite the latest patch in the last few days.

The makers of the game are clearly using their Customers as free BETA testers for this software.

I will never purchase another game that is made by 4A Games or Deep Silver. They do not adequately test their software before releasing it. Their name is now mud to me. The Metro Exodus game has been a waste of time and money for me.

I have returned my DISC to the Retailer and asked for a full refund. I encourage other to do the same if it keeps crashing for them also.

Good luck to those who are actually able to run it.

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You created a fake account just for this?