Metal Gear Solid 5, Phantom Pain

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I've been playing MGS 5 for just over a year. I've never had any issues with the FOB infiltration side. Then last October, I noticed that, when I was in the FOB menu, there were no High ranking PF's for me to infiltrate? You'll think I'm bonkers, but EVER since then not 1 page of high ranks is displayed. It's as if they dont't exist, lol.

I've included, (a controller is broken) video showing an example.

In the same video, is my next issue. In the last 2 weeks, everytime I invade a base, MEDICAL, for example, I ONLY get Combat staff? On every base, no matter where I am, they are Combat staff? You'll see. I wondered if anyone else has ever experienced these 2 issues?

I've uninstalled the game, and reinstalled it, but the issue wasn't fixed. This is for PS4. Many thanks.