Login bug in the website

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I have a problem logging in. At the login page, I correctly typed in my username and password, but when I clicked on "Log in", I got a message that says that my account "has been locked out" or "Please prove that you are not a robot". I got so confused at what was going on, so I had to type in my username and password again before clicking on "Log in" and this time my login was successful. Has the same login issue happened to you? When will this be addressed?

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I had this issue today as well.

attempting to re-login a couple of times eventually let me in

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I am having this problem ALL THE TIME on my phone. Doesnt seem to have any problems if i use bing but i hate using that. And if i can manage to get logged in a couple clicks later and it shows i am not logged in anymore.

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Hi - we are aware of this issue and are looking into it. Thank you for letting us know!