Known Technical Issues - April 1

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Not an April Fools joke! Since our last report we resolved the following issues..  

- Enable embedding videos on blogs and forums. [Details]  
- Forum quoting problems / thread breaking glitch. [Details]  
- outages causing posts to disappear [Details]  
- Background Color Obscuring Webpage Objects [Details]  
- Malmare issues should be the thing of the past with our image hosting changes [Details]  

Known Technical Issues  
- Having problems logging in still. Report [Report here]
- Commenting system issues: Cannot post; missing profile avatars; and email notification errors.  [Report here]
- Dark theme reverting to light theme - refreshing a few times reverts to dark. [Report here]
- Myfeed not linking to appropriate union/board [Report here]
- Game Achievements Not Displaying Recent Activity (this may still have some problems, please report in a new topic)
- IE9 freezing pages  [Report here]

Coming Soon
- HD via Mobile: Staff statement in a recent topic:  

 We are currently working on integrating our Hi5 video player into GameSpot mobile, and you will have the choice of Low, High and HD. Look for this to be deployed soon!neur0sis

- Recommend a blog to get others featured on GameSpot front door.
- Resurrect Calendar Module


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I don't think they had a chance to get to the myfeed bug just yet. :D