Known Technical Issues 12/1

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Hey GameSpotters! Since our last report, the bugs we've resolved include: fuse notifications based on other users; game updates now go to the old game updates page until the site rebuild; and banned/suspended users can now view pages.


- Rebuilding GameSpot: No news about this just yet, but according to the GS TV announcement, we're hoping to share something before the end of the year.

- Oops Errors Update: We made a change to your forum posting history pages. You shouldn't encounter an oops erros on this page anymore. Further investigation is being made for other areas of the site.

- Disabling Image Uploads Reminder: We disabled this access as we consider solutions as we rebuild of the site.

- How to report missing games or data: We've changed the way you report this, get direct in contact with the data crew!

Targeted items:

- Issues logging in to the site - requiring a user to change a password.

- Union contributors cannot post news bulletins

- Sudden profile level boosts.

- Users frequently getting Oops errors on union pages

Other Known Items:

- Cannot change settings (email,etc) unless its the Fuse settings

- Video Player Issues with Mac and Windows 7
- Wysiwyg issues - words sticking together
- Union icons no longer displaying
- Video Autoplay issues not working for Win7 Users
- In-Game Achievements Not Displaying Recent Activity. (Playfire issue: Appropriate staff contacted with a reminder as of 12/1/2012).

Thanks again for eveyrone's reports in the past month!

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#2 Posted by The-Apostle (12195 posts) -
I'd personally like to see the Oops error taken care of without changing unions.
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#3 Posted by Big_Evil666 (13817 posts) -
Oops errors still happening on occassion but not as frequent
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I'm getting the oops error in unions on the old layout again. Hasn't been 24 hours yet, so I'm hoping it goes away. If not, I'm guessing it can be re-added to this list before we get a flood of topics on the board :P edit: it fixed.