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hi guys, have loved the site over the years but just wanted to say i'm not a fan of the new format of the website.

its very visually crowded, its now much harder to find what i actually want without digging and searching and the site takes a lot longer to load as well.

can't say i'm overly impressed.

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Hi there Csjarrat. Thanks for letting us know what you don't like about the new site. Could you please share some insight on what you would like to see on the site?

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@DigitalDame: At first i didn't like it, but once i started messing around, (and more so that the forums are working) i must say i like it. One thing that i have noticed though, is the search feature, I used to be able to type in GTA and get all the GTA games, FF for Final fantasy, CoD and some others. Can't seem to do that anymore, it makes me type it all out. minor i know, but its just a little feedback :)

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How about topics that one has read stay as read and using another way to show that there are unread posts? One can click on the topic title one minute, read a thread, post in it, then return to the forum topic page and the topic is now all bold again as being unread. Changing it to a different color even would be a benefit.

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@DigitalDame: have to agree with poster , new site is a mess. The old format worked very well, at least for my needs as a PC gamer. This new format is no longer ' to use an overworked phrase' not user friendly at all. It wasn't broke, really didn't need to be "fixed" and/or "improved". Now I have to start looking for a new info site, bummer.

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it would be nice to at least know a general date for when the "union boards" will be implemented, if at all.

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I should have added, the biggest thing i like about this change, No longer having to log into gamefaqs every single time i want to post.... [

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What about goddamn history of ratings?

Are you ever gonna bring it back? Any staff comment on that?