Just wanted to apologize to the Mods. :(

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Hi, this is Andy aka SangHellE56. I have no idea whatsoever if this post counts in this sub-forum, but I just needed to take the time to apologize for a topic I put up a month or two ago. It was about how I wish there were more video games with non-human demon protagonists, but I mistakenly brought up Japanese titles and how their demons look so human. A firestorm ensued, and by now all of GameSpot probably despises me.

This hasn't been something that's really eaten away at me since it happened, but again I'm sorry for even putting it up. I don't watch a lot of anime but I understand why Eastern games that follow its style are so popular.

Everyone likes what they like, but the fact that there aren't any games with non-human monsters as the playable's has really been a tragedy for me, if not everyone else in the gaming community.

Between you and me, I'm otherkin.

It intertwines with how I'm a dev, and want to someday be a Creative Director or something. And while it's a subculture I feel like the world as a whole isn't ready to accept us ( me and others ).

Just wanted to get this off my chest since I came back onto this site.

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@sanghelle56: I read the thread that you're likely referring to. It's not exactly a barn-burner. While the sentiment of an apology is always appreciated, it doesn't look like you did anything wrong nor was it even a particularly active thread. I doubt the majority of the mod team or our user base even ever saw it or would even care about it so you needn't worry about "all of Gamespot despising you". The short version is there's nothing here you should lose any proverbial sleep over.