Just a couple of fixes that I'd suggest Gamespot make..

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I was a very active user on Gamespot 4-5 years ago, and it was the best. It was easy to navigate, easy to use and full of relevant information. Now, returning, I see a massive change. I guess it's usual that people don't like when websites they use regularly undergo a huge alterations, but this one really impacted the way I see this website.

Therefore, firstly, the thing that annoyed me the most is that new users have to wait a month before they can rate and review games? That's ridiculous. Gamespot probably has its reasons for implementing this, but still there has to be a way to work around this - I mean, the general public's critique is a massive part of this website. I sure as hell don't want to wait an entire month before rating and reviewing games I've played.

Secondly, when looking at a game, there is no way to directly add that game into your "Stacks", something which I know for a fact you could do with the old Gamespot. Bring this feature back! It's insane having to go into your "Stacks" to add a new game every time - which, by the way, is ridiculously slow and just painfully inefficient.

Then when you search for a game, it comes as a general title, as in you cannot select your preferred platform - something you could do in the previous version of Gamespot. I see on my friend's profile that when we rates a game, it sometimes rates it on the platform that he doesn't play the game on. It's a small inconvenience, but it is the small things that really make the difference.

Finally, less of a critique and more of a suggestion (hoping a mod sees this); why doesn't Gamespot have a mobile app? It would be incredibly useful if they can do it right. I would love to help them create one.. I know new to nothing about coding, but still I'd do what I could to help make a really useful and efficient app to help people everywhere have all the information they'd want about gaming (and their "Stacks" of games) at their fingertips. Something to look into...