Is there a way to revert to the old interface?

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Hi, I was wondering if we could revert to the old interface. This new interface is a bit slower, and it's not as easy to use. As an exemple, when I search for a game to see the rating, all I can see is a really, really, really big picture for about half of my screen (the top), then the title and informations under that. No reviews, no options, no ratings, etc. I have to scroll down somewhere around half the page to find the ratings and the options... Really? The old inverface was intuitive and had the right informations at the right place. I think I'm gonna have to find another "game spot" if I can't revert to the old interface... sadly.

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unfortunately, there is no way to revert back to the old UI. this new UI is here to stay, and will be improved upon as time goes on. so the best thing you can do is keep pushing your point about the gigantic picture if you'd like, and if enough people agree, or it gets enough attention, they might change it. no guarantees though.

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Please add this functionality. For the love of god, this layout is terrible. It's the single worst change in the five years I've been a member here.

Image hosting has completely DESTROYED the 'post a pic' threads. Signatures are smaller. No levels are displayed under usernames. The avatars were all messed up. The front page is a nightmarish design; a clusterf*ck of information and a lack of guidance. And on top of it all this site is FAR slower than before the changes.

It's like you guys just went into these changes head first because they were shiny and new, but removed so many great features in the process, and now you're paying for it in members and site activity.

I've never felt less inclined to post or come onto this broken website since the changes. Please. Do something or change it back.

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changes will take time. they wont happen any time soon unfortunately. all you can do to speed up the process is post feedback here on what you think should be changed or implemented. hopefully then things will happen, but even then, there is no guarantee that it will.