Is there a way to delete my game rating?

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I rated a couple of games before, but just don't want to give them a rating any longer. I see where I can change my rating for the game, but is there any way to actually delete my rating altogether?

I am wondering if I wrote a review, and deleted it, if that would get rid of my rating. But that seems like a dumb work-around...

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So sorry, currently there's no better way of doing it :( Thanks for your suggestions! We will keep it in mind when we work on this system!

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@angerawr: Was a change ever implemented? I just signed up and accidentally rated my games as PC versions instead of Xbox versions. Is there now a way to delete those and rate the proper games?

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No, I'm sorry :\ I'll update this thread if we work on it.

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Honestly, how hard could it be to implement it? This should have been here since the beginning. It probably has before you changed the design a couple years back.