Is the user video feature going to be down for good or for a temporary?

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Before I Start Asking for help: I know, I'm a User on YouTube who normally posts videos on YouTube. but I have first made videos on GameSpot before I created a YouTube account. I know and I can see why that GameSpot is not going to accept uploads from images and videos.

But when I play a video on one of my videos it doesn't seem to play at all. I tried it on all of my web browsers and they had the same effect. do you know If there is going to be a fix to playing user videos?

I know, I haven't seen much of my videos in a while. but I would want to see some of mine and my family's videos.

Let me know, If there is anything helpful.


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The user video uploads have been removed until we can determine a solution to everyone's video needs. Staff want this just as much as everyone else! We like watching your created videos and because we like uploading videos and having ways to at least embed them in our blogs and other pages.

You should expect to hear more from our developer about the site rebuild though, so do bring up your questions and feedback when you see more about how things are going! :)

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Does that mean all of the videos have been deleted? I don't mean to sound rude, but a warning would have been nice.

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As far as I'm aware none of them were deleted - you just can't host any new ones..though they have moved to a different domain/server like images did so that's no guarantee that they'll still be accessible at the old links. Chances are that all videos will show up again when the feature is re-released, which may or may not come with the site rebuild.