[IMPORTANT] Got a Bug to Report? Read This First!

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Bugs suck. They kill your experience on the site and are overall just not a great thing in general. We understand that bugs are also frustrating, and sometimes, you might want to take your frustration out on this board when you’re reporting issues that you have on the site.

Before you hit that Caps Lock key. Keep in mind that we have a Community Code of Conduct (which is the list of rules that we expect people to follow while posting). The most important of which being that we expect users to "adhere to the same standards of behavior on GameSpot that you follow in the real world" or simply put, DON’T BE A JERK!


  1. Before you report a bug please try Incognito or Private mode in your browser first. If the bug does not happen when in that mode then you need to look at your browser extensions.

  2. If you have ANY kind of ad-blocking software you will need to turn it off, and for some of them totally uninstall. They do cause various problems with our site and there is nothing we can do to fix that.


I Have an Ad Issue to Report - Have you been encountering some awful ads on GameSpot? In an effort to put an end to weird, wacky, and otherwise disruptive ads on GameSpot, we need your help. To help us battle these ads we need the following:

  • Start a new thread with the subject "Ad Issue"
  • Your Region

That's it! If you want to be super helpful, a screenshot of the ad in question is incredibly valuable when it comes to tracking and killing these ads.

I Have a Suggestion! - That’s great! We have a thread specifically designed for the features that YOU want.


500kb Max Size Signatures - The maximum file size of 500kb for forum signatures, but this doesn't do anything for users who already had signature images that were larger than that.

Privacy Setting - There is an account setting that allows members to make it impossible for other members that they are not following to be able to PM them or write on their wall.

Some further detail.