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#51 Posted by Whitewolf725 (21623 posts) -

Yup...gotta go with the majority and say below. :wink: Looks good. :wink: :D

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#52 Posted by tHebiZkiD (25 posts) -

Im using Opera and im on PC, i personally prefer the "below the image" scenario because i believe its more navigation-friendly while in the 2nd scenario there are thumbnails below and above, so its confusing and instead of clicking on the thumbnail for another picture you might click the thumb to change the gallery without wanting it.

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#53 Posted by syntotic (47 posts) -

Guess what!? I was just, been thinking how well the image viewer works, how quickly it downloads compared to the full page, how easily it changes images, how convenient are image sizes, how used I am to quickly browsing in a floating window... and you have a new viewer. As if somebody was understanding it backwards. Actually your new image viewer does seem to have an objective problem: it does NOT fit comfortably in this netbook. I woyld have to turn off tabs or some bar in the browser to use it comfortably; it would be an issue, but what tells me once invested in a project abandoning it is never the right alternative even if it is the best one?

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#54 Posted by 789shadow (20195 posts) -

For me,thumbnails below the image just flow better and look better as well.

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#55 Posted by nintendoboy16 (33733 posts) -
I do quite well with above. I use Internet Explorer (don't know what version) and I am a PC and XP user.
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#56 Posted by metabolic1 (110 posts) -

Tumbnails bellow just seems more natural.

No problems in: Firefox v3.07 or v3.08BETA.

Running Windows XP 32-bit fine and Windows Vista 32 & 64-bit.

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#57 Posted by Mvk25 (25 posts) -

I prefer it below the images

and it's really a big improvement over the old one:)

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#58 Posted by Sherwinb (77 posts) -

Thanks to everyone who has submitted feedback thus far - your input has been extremely helpful. Based on your input it looks like the thumbnails below the image is the preferred format so we going to move forward with that set up. We have a few finishing touches that we're addressing but nearly ready to send everything live. Look for the new image viewer experience in the coming days.

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#60 Posted by zwraith (25 posts) -

I like the thumbnails below the image best. I am using a PC, with IE and have not had any problems. Great job!!

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#64 Posted by pspdemoboy52 (343 posts) -

I really like the thumbnails above the image. I feel like the below ones won't get noticed as much.

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#65 Posted by Bart247 (582 posts) -

I like the new look of the image viewer. 'Tis great to see that another window doesn't need to be opened to view another image. I mostly prefer the images being on top than on the bottom, though.

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#66 Posted by punchwalk (25 posts) -

I like the above version better. It seems to me that it is easier to see that way and you don't have to scroll all the way down. My computer specs:

  • Firefox version 3.0.7
  • Laptop PC running Windows Vista

Haven't encountered any problems.


I'm using Firefox 3.0.7 on Windows Vista. I'm not receiving any error messaes, but I would like to offer some feedback.

I've seen a few comments similar to the one I quoted above. Have you considered adding an asynchronous response to thumbnail clicks (loading the selected full-size image without reloading the whole page)? In addition to being a nice touch from a UI/UX perspective, it would probably mitigate the scrolling issue for some users.

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#67 Posted by L0n3W01F (373 posts) -

i like the new image viewer. Below is better IMO.

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#68 Posted by ChristerDoo (49 posts) -

Here's my plugged nickel's worth. Seems kinda slow - posting for each image - page can jump while it refreshes. Why not use AJAX and just refresh the image in a DIV. Would be faster.

Overall - in its current incarnation - I don't really like the new image viewer. Don't like the forward/ back when you click to view full size either. Prefer the image viewer as is.

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#70 Posted by jarodh (25 posts) -

Enhancement Request:The ability to page through all images in "Full Size" as opposed to selecting the image, then selecting "View Full Size" each time. In other words, once I'm on an image in "Full Size Mode" I just want to be able to hit Next or Back and see the next image in full size as well.

General Feedback/Question: I'm not a web developer, so excuse the stupidity of this question, but why is it that the entire page reloads when I move from one image to the next? Is it possible to just update the image and keep the remainder of the page loaded? I think I've seen this on other sites and it seems much more efficient (for the user that is). Again, sorry if there's a valid technical answer to this question...which I'm sure there is. I'm using IE 7.