"I want this" and "I own this" Stacks' Display

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Hi all, especially @DigitalDame and @edgework,

I am a long time GS user. I used GS as my sole means for managing my games collection, as well as the games I want. The display in the old website was very helpful, by including the name, platform, GS score, user score displayed in an easy-to-export (to excell) format. It was sortable alphabetically, by platform, by GS score and by user score. I want to see that functionality return. Anyone else with me?

Additionally, where are the Followed games stack? I can't see it anywhere.

When I add games to my "Games I Want" stack, how do I select the platform that I want to play it on?

Currently, the platform details for "Games I Want" and "Games I Own" stacks are very vague. They should be displayed. Along with GS score and the user score as well, as it was in the old website.

And when we click the "+" in the individual games' webpages, I don't see an option to add to the "I Own This" stack. There should be one.

And when I open the individual games' webpages of some game that I want to own, it doesn't register that that game is already on my "I want this" stack.

I love GS, and I want to help it get better. I hope this constructive criticism helps in the overall design of things here. Thank y'all!

- A