I think you should create separate news pages for really hot games

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Right now, the first TWELVE news articles are about Fortnite. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a dedicated page for Fortnite?

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@nibbin1191 said:


No because then everyone would avoid it like the plague and they’d get f*ck all traffic.

If that happened then Epic wouldn’t be as inclined to cough up the dough.

Another reason why I stay in the forums. I don't even bother with GS articles anymore so hey, feel free to spam lots of Fortnite because the forums is all I'm here for.

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@JustPlainLucas: I came up with a solution. Just add these two custom filters to your ad blocker:



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i like

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We are looking at ways to help bundle the content to make it easier to see less/more of certain games. I don't have any ETAs to share yet, but it is a problem we're focused on.

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Wow I should have browsed the message board before starting a topic on this issue 😅