I need help with my Alienware Alpha i3

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So basically i bought the alpha from a very close friend for about $100 which was a good deal in my mind because the month before when i saw him use it and it ran 500+ fps on mine craft and 60fps on call of duty world at war. I got home excited and quickly turned it on and immediately went to try out some games starting with call of duty but when i got on it could not even load the title screen much less play the game. It could not play anything but it seems to be becoming worse so i might have to go get it repaired.

I thought it might be a Hard drive issue but i cant say for sure.
My friend would always unplug his computer to turn it off (Which isnt healthy).
I tried defragmenting the hard drive and it did nothing. I really want to play some games but its dead. Can anyone help me?

Alienware alpha I3
2 years old i think