I landed on gamespot right?

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Help me out everyone, I wanted to go on gamespot.com, but Im unsure wether this site I landed on is a fake copy or something? I was at least under the impressions that gamespot is about games. If I wanted to check out game of thrones I would go to a series/movies site. Look at this, its fucking pathetic...

Did you earn enough cash on those click baits gamespot? Ah how cool, then surely you can replace them with appropriate content. Thanks in advance

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I think you're mistaken sir. That article is not about that popular TV show - it is about the recently released Battle Royale game where every player is a fancy, 50 foot chair.

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Gamespot is about games. That's why they're covering a *game* of thrones.

It's like musical chairs but if you lose you die and there is only 1 chair made of swords.

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Yeah, it really bothers me how Gamespot is chasing clicks from Facebook instead of covering videogames. CBS needs to bring back TV.com and Movietome if they want to cover these topics.