I cannot post to E3 swag contest page

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Whenever i view that page it tells me i need to login. The post button says "Post comment as..." and takes me to login page. I can post just fine on other articles, it correctly detects on logged in. On that page specifically though, i doesn't recognize im logged in. At the top of the screen in the header though, it shows my account info as If I am logged in. I have tried Firefox and Chrome, flushed cache....nothing. HELP!!

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Same here. I'm clearly logged in, but am told to sign in to post my comment. Signing in just takes me back to the main Gamestop Page. I'm guessing this is a special contest for only certain members (Which is not mentioned anywhere)? Probably those who post several times each day?

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Same here. I cannot post a comment without it doing that. Very irritating.

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Sorry for the trouble, guys - please hit this page instead, and it should work properly. Thanks!

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Yup. That one works. Thanks :)

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yep works now thanks