How to disable video autoplay in articles

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Hi everyone,

The GameSpot dev team has added a new toggle that allows you to disable the autoplay of videos in regular articles. It is located here:

If you'd like to disable autoplay for videos in regular articles, click this new option so it appears as above (toggle is on the right side and the option is grey). If you're like to turn autoplay back on, click it again to return the toggle to the left side where it will turn black. This applies for regular articles, but if you click a link to a video post those will still autoplay.


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Its perfect!! through it, for anyone can disable the autoplay of videos by using this new toggle.

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One thing to note here - you must be signed in to see the toggle!

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That would be a great feature if it actually showed up for me. I came to the forums looking for a way to turn off auto play, because it always wakes my wife up if I can't sleep and decide to check out GameSpot, or CNN for that matter, but that toggle is missing for me.

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No toggle off switch for me either.

VERY annoying.

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@wemmick said:

One thing to note here - you must be signed in to see the toggle!

Thanks man, now it worked for me.

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Thanks, but it doesn't work on mobile. This setting simply isn't shown at all on Android Chrome (when you click on the gear icon it is just video quality settings):

GameSpot's video player should use the built-in browser setting and not its own discrete toggle:

(Settings > Site Settings > Media > Autoplay > Block autoplay)

I am signed in and the toggle doesn't show.

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@Byshop: I just tried this on: Desktop Chrome, desktop Firefox, mobile Chrome, mobile Firefox, while signed in, and the option never shows up.

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@Byshop: please make the video player opt-out of autoplay by default for all site visitors, regardless of being signed in or not. As a web developer, autoplaying videos or audio on any website get the website added to my firewall block list for all users in my household. Autoplaying videos & audio are absolutely obnoxious and can damage one's hearing or speakers if the volume is too loud or unequal to the existing system volume. Please advise when this change has been made by tagging me in this thread, as I will not be visiting again until this is completed.